Online Marketing

Advertising online is one of the most highly focused marketing tools available. Every day people use the internet to search for products and services. We can help you reach these people at the very moment they are actively searching for your products and services.

No matter how good your website is, unless it can be found by your customers, all your investment will be for nothing. The answer is to ensure your website receives a consistently high search engine position and this can be achieved through a variety of methods:

Advertising with search engines such as Google or Yahoo offers the most highly focused form of advertising available as you only pay when someone clicks on your advert and visits your website.

We analyse your requirements and recommend suitable key words and descriptions and in turn provide comprehensive daily management of online campaigns, which can include the provision of the latest tracking facilities designed to maximise the cost effectiveness of your advertising.

Banners, Buttons, Skyscrapers & MPU’s. 
Advertising on websites viewed by your customers provides a highly visual method of brand awareness and is particularly suited to the promotion of specific incentivised offers. Our media experience allows us to advise clients of the sites most suited to their requirements and in turn our in-house studio can design and build the static or gif animated adverts to the required specifications.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 
Achieving a high ‘natural’ listing on search engines for related terms is always the aim of any business. Whereas PPC can leap-frog this process and guarantee a high search position (depending upon budget), natural listings are always the preferred option of users. We provide clients with a cost-effective SEO solution whereby for a fixed monthly amount, our web team manage your site and undertake an ongoing, long-term process of website updates to ensure the relevancy of content against the various search terms. In turn the search engines analyse the site and rank it in terms of relevance to the related search terms.  It should be noted that results can never be guaranteed- any company that does guarantee this needs to be treated with a high degree of caution. Often these claims only refer to a small selection of quite abstract search terms that have questionable relevance to your site and furthermore have very low search volumes.

Email Marketing
Regular communication with your customers is essential to maintain loyalty and create awareness of new products, special offers or the latest news. The most cost-effective way to achieve this is via email marketing. We provide clients with an email marketing system that provides an easy way to create, track and send professional email campaigns to your own database or to suitable data that we can source and purchase on your behalf. The system allows the campaign to be delivered in-house with only a few straightforward steps. You receive ‘email open’ stats as well as bounced email handling and opt-out requests allowing you to measure the effectiveness of each campaign.